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Meet The Team

Derek S. Ross

Derek is the founder of the the indoor playground insurance  program.  After spending countless hours at several indoor playgrounds with his two daughters, Derek witnessed several injuries to children that could have been prevented.  Derek decided it was time create a safety program coupled with affordable insurance solutuions for this thriving industry.
To Learn more about Derek, please click here.

Derek can be reached at (818) 996-0900

Angela Camacho

Angela works with Peter to manage and maintain the needs of each of his valued client relationships.  Our number one goal is to be responsive and available at all times to address our customers needs.  Service with the highest ethical standards is our mission.
To learn more about Angela, please click here.

Angela can be reached at (818) 996-0900

Vanessa Chauvie

Vanessa responsible for providing customer to service to our clients while maintaining our presence on the world wide web.  Multiple article links and informational items will be distributed using Facebook and Twitter accounts on a regular basis.  Providing information about safety ideas and new program highlights is Vanessa's number one priority.

To learn more about Vanessa, please click here.

Vanessa can be reached at (818) 996-0900


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